Fornicoin | Token Sale
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The Fornicoin Initial Coin Offering Has Concluded! We thank the community for their support. Follow  our social media for updates on the project.

Token Distribution

  • Bounty

  • Fornicoin Advisers

  • Fornicoin Partners

  • Fornicoin Team

  • Token Sale Participants

ICO Usage

  • Operational Expenses

  • Transaction Fee Reserve

  • Fornicoin Reserve

Our Team
The Fornicoin team is a worldwide collaboration of computer scientists, adult industry experts and advisers. The team remains committed to the Fornicoin project while at the same time asks that people respect their privacy all the same. Our team is also part of communities, some not as permissive of the adult industry as we would have. We hope to convince all of the benefits of our currency through the thoroughness of our code.


The Fornicoin Team
For queries, email us at