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Fornicoin Tipper Dapp

Tip and pay for your favourite stars, camgirls, escorts and adult products and services using Fornicoin. If you want to be added to our tipper dapp, send us a message on twitter.


This app opens Fornicoin to an existing audience of 250 000 supporters of the stars adopting our platform and currency. Get Fornicoin before the ICO ends.


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Fornicoin Tipper Button Plugin

This is the browser tip button plugin. It can be used to receive tips through MetaMask or any other Injected Web3 provider like Mist.


Alternatively, tippers can copy and send directly to an address if they do not have Injected Web3.

More Plugins Coming Soon

Automatic ENS Name Purchasing


Purchase a beautiful, memorable ENS name, like fornicoin.eth, with ease.


Uses smart contracts.



Platform Integration


Watch out on your favourite platforms for the Fornicoin project. 


If you’re a website that wants in, contact us at