Fornicoin | The Revolutionary Adult Cryptocurrency
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Fornicoin is the payment processing solution the adult industry needs.



Fornicoin is the payment processing solution the adult industry needs.

What Is


Fornicoin is the payment and access control solution that the adult industry has been waiting for. It has long been known that payments for adult services and products are difficult – credit cards are unreliable and creators often end up cheated.


Introducing Fornicoin. Fornicoin is a peer2peer digital currency. Fornicoin eliminates the need to trust banks or credit card companies. You have the power to know where your money is at at all times. Furthermore, Fornicoin is not just a digital currency. It is a specialised currency aimed at creating a marketplace around the adult industry that is secure, private and does not require trust of any other party.


Fornicoin facilitates payment of content producers in a discrete way ensuring both producers and creators are anonymous but at the same time, ensuring efficiency in the payment process.

fornicoin telegram                    fornicoin reddit                              fornicoin youtube ico cryptocurrency tokensale

fornicoin telegram                    fornicoin reddit

                    fornicoin youtube ico cryptocurrency tokensale

The Fornicoin ICO Has Begun!

Decentralized, Efficient, Safe

Token Features


Payment on the Fornicoin network is private. You never submit your private data so nobody can access it. You will never have to worry about embarrassing credit card bills anymore.

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Direct Payments

As a result of the direct nature of the Fornicoin network, content producers and consumers can deal directly without an intervening third party. This makes transactions faster,
cheaper and more secure.

Instant Confirmation

Funds are transferred instantly giving you access to the content you want in a matter of seconds and paying the content creator at the same time. All transactions can be publicly verified.

Unlock Content

Our content partners provide special access to limited edition material that they will personally create or curate. You thank them by using Fornicoin and promoting a good relationship in the adult space.


Fornicoin Roadmap

  • Initial conception of Fornicoin.
  • Feasibility study and investigation.
  • On-boarding of team members.
  • Development of the Fornicoin token
  • Alpha testing of token
  • Development of Fornicoin smart contract
  • Beta testing of token.
  • Begin approaching content producers
  • Promote adoption of token
  • Development of the Fornicoin platform
  • Development of the Fornicoin website
  • Write Fornicoin Whitepaper
  • Release of the Fornicoin website
  • Release whitepaper
  • FXX Token presale
  • Identify and collaborate with content creators. Including both commercial and amateur creators in a wide range of areas.
  • Payment integration and connection
  • FXX Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • List Fornicoin on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Further development of the platform
  • Marketing to consumers
  • Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Continue marketing drive.
  • Streamline payments process.
  • Add more content producers to the ecosystem

The Benefits of Using Fornicoin

0 – 0.25% Fees
Fornicoin fees range between 0 and 0.25% compared to an industry average above 10%
No Chargebacks on Payments
Content producers are protected intrinsically in the code as transactions cannot be withheld.
100’s of Content Producers
As Fornicoin is an open source project the entire community can gain access anytime by purchasing Fornicoins.
Engage Across Platforms
Using Fornicoin enables platform agnostic content sharing and real-time contributions.

How Is This All Possible?

The power of the blockchain serves as the spine for the Fornicoin project. Specifically, Fornicoin uses Ethereum’s blockchain to securely implement its token platform. Using a cryptocurrency allows users to remain discrete, prevent chargebacks, purchase and verify instantly and much more. For more information on the technical details that allow us to do this, please read our whitepaper.


The content producers that we will be partnering with include adult merchandise, webcam models, subscription services, online video and limited edition additional content.

The Industry is Ready For Disruption

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fornicoin?

Fornicoin is an Ethereum-based decentralized payment network for the adult industry. Fornicoin unlocks the power of the blockchain and enables users to access and produce content in a private, instant and fast manner.

Why would anyone use this platform over alternatives?

Current payment mechanisms are expensive, insecure and slow. Fornicoin fixes these issues through a decentralized, trustless network of content producers and consumers. This relationship allows the market to thrive.

How can I invest in Fornicoin?

Details will be released just before the start of the Fornicoin presale on 29 December.

After the ICO, you will need to purchase Fornicoin tokens on an exchange to participate or directly from another holder of Fornicoin.

What will the emission rate be after the ICO?

There will be no token creation, minting or mining after the ICO period.

How does the fee-obfuscation option work?

Fornicoin holders do not need Ethereum to pay for transaction fees. A small share of Fornicoin tokens are instantly swapped by the smart contract in order to facilitate your transaction.

When will the ICO take place?

Presale: 29 December 2017 – 5 January 2018.

ICO: 5 January – 20 February 2018.

How will the ICO funds be spent?

ICO Fund Utilization: 70% Fornicoin Reserve, 15% Fornicoin Transaction Fee Reserve, 15% Operational Expenses, Exchange Listing and Marketing

How will the tokens be distributed?

Fornicoin (FXX) Token Distribution: 75% Crowdfunding Participants, 12% Fornicoin Team, 6% Fornicoin Partners and Early Adopters, 5% Token Advisors, 2% Bug Bounty.

When will Fornicoin be tradeable?

After the ICO has completed, you will be able to transfer your funds however you want. The Fornicoin team also plans to list Fornicoin on several exchanges.

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fornicoin youtube ico cryptocurrency tokensale